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Nursery and Infants (6 weeks – 21 months)

The infant environment is designed to meet each infant’s individual needs. Children under the age of one are free to sleep when they are tired and are fed when they are hungry. Around age one, the infant teacher begins to work with the parents to get the child on a regular eating schedule and ensure one nap per day to prepare the child for the Toddler classroom. They grow up too fast!

We believe that here, they are also able to develop long lasting relationships through music, movement, art, and much more. During this critical period, we assure that all care-givers are constantly working with the parents hand in hand to help the child feel as comfortable as possible. Each parent has access to a daily written report about their little one’s day as well as encouragement to help support the growth taking place.

Infant Curriculum

  • Foster the development of trust and organic growth
  • Support the development of sensory, language, and expression
  • Increase independent skills, eye-hand coordination, observation skills and concentration skills
  • Develop physical movement (both gross and fine motor skills)
  • Support children’s understanding of order, and cause and effect relationships
  • Development math and science skills through touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell
  • Encourage creative activities with simple art materials and musical instruments to allow self-expression
  • Teaching of acceptance through the use of multicultural puppets and toys to introduce concepts

Toddler’s and Young 3’s (21 months – 3 years)

Our children 21 months to 3 years are nurtured in a prepared environment at The Walden School. The classroom provides an environment that encourages them towards freedom and movement. We believe that through movement and exploration, toddlers are exposed to the broader world that helps them gain self confidence to engage in interactive play.

Toddler Curriculum

  • Enrich the child’s vocabulary and language for overall communication
  • Refinement both fine motor skills and gross motor skills
  • Development of cognitive skills by exploring books and various activities to increase their ability to concentrate and work independently
  • Teach functional independence by taking care of oneself with a strong focus on bathroom independence
  • Provide experiences that stimulate sensory and perceptual skills
  • Understanding early mathematical concepts through hands-on materials for touching, stacking, sorting, and handling objects
  • Exploring and discovering the world around us through the five senses
  • Seeking comfort and confidence in the environment through the use of “trial and error”
  • Encourage to express creativity and through art and personal meaning

Primary (3 years – 5 years)

Our certified teachers encourage our students towards self-directed learning that promotes self-confidence, independent thought and action, and critical thinking, while fostering social-emotional and intellectual growth. Each student is able to learn through hands-on exploration and develop an enthusiasm for learning, which is key for future academic success. The students are provided with opportunities to work independently or have individual, small or large group lessons. They begin to learn how to manage their time and gain a sense of personal responsibility for everything that they set their minds to.

Primary Curriculum

  • Encouragement of independence, self-confidence, self-esteem, and most importantly, self-control
  • Development of the necessary concentration, coordination and working habits needed for successfully performing at advanced levels in the language, grammar, math, geography, science, and social studies
  • Building of language with an emphasis of beginning, middle, and ending sounds of words
  • Development of composition skills through reading and gathering information
  • Refinement of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills to strengthen the hand for writing
  • Learning of numerical symbols with the proper quantity
  • Encouragement of visual skills to recognize patterns and learn to match and sort
  • Exploration, imitation, initiation, and pattern completion
  • Exploration of dimension, shape, color, texture, weight, aroma, taste, pitch, and relationships through the sensory skills
  • Emphasis on cultural aspects, to learn the names, flags, and locations of countries
  • Studying of nature with hands-on activities which includes biology, botany, zoology, and physical science
  • Encouragement towards independent thinking, reasoning, and problem solving skill

Schoolers (5 years – 12 years)

We understand how important it is for working parents to make sure their children are in a safe and comfortable learning environment while they are away from school or home. Here at The Walden School, our classrooms provide a safe place for each student’s social, emotional, and academic development while encouraging their individual growth. Our experienced and qualified teachers provide ideal educational materials for each age group. Our before- and after-school program for school-age students focuses on what students need and enjoy most: creative play indoors and outside, homework support, and healthy snacks to keep them energized. In a playful space, filled with fun and friendship, students are able to get a jumpstart on the essential readiness skills to begin and thrive in their academic career.

Schooler Curriculum

  • Ensuring the classroom experience continues to prepare students for success at each level of the educational journey
  • Encouragement of consistent morning routine with opportunities for calming activities, free play, and a whole group activity designed to set daily goals
  • Learning and refinement of skills such as collaboration, thinking critically, expressing creativity, and communicating effectively
  • Play-based learning (free and structured) to enable students in building a sense of community in the classroom, enhance their creativity, and grow as collaboration
  • Providing dedicated time with educational resources for each student to receive homework support
  • Outdoor and indoor play to provide students with physical challenges and develop habits for a healthy lifestyle
  • Engaging students in fun activities to help build their social skills while exercising after a long day at school
  • Essential teaching practices to redefine the learning experience through technology integration, small group instruction, and authentic project-based learning
  • Support student emotional and academic growth
  • Encouraging a culture of thinking and high expectations to cultivate a growth mindset in students

The Walden School Tuition Schedule

The Walden School, which has been serving the Fort Bend area communities for more than two decades, is situated in Sugar Land, Texas. Information regarding the tuition fees will be made available soon. To receive comprehensive information and familiarize yourself with our school, schedule a tour with us, and we’ll be delighted to assist you with all your queries.

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