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on on any activity see the current newsletter or contact The Walden School at 281-980-0022

If you're looking for a solution to your early childhood needs, or a program for your school age children, the answer can be as easy as a visit to the Walden School. Your children as young as 6 weeks of age and up to as mature as 12 years have a special place here where a nurturing environment and caring staff help your children grow and flourish.

Our philosophy makes the Walden School a child friendly environment.
Parents too will find that being involved with the Walden School is more than a partnership in raising their children.

Open communication with staff and directors is encouraged, and a variety of activities are planned especially to involve parents in special events in their child's school activities. Our emphasis is directly and indirectly focused on children's self esteem through developmentally appropriate skill practice and activities.

Our preschool and pre-kindergarten classes help ready children for their successive years in elementary classes. Our kindergarten program successfully melds phonics and whole language programs to develop strong reading skills; along with our hands on Math Their Way programs, children develop a solid base on which to continue to learn.

Smaller classes and more one to one contact with their teacher during the day, help children succeed in mastering subject matter. For more information about the Walden School click here.


The Walden School offers a variety of activities each year. Enrollment information
for these
activities are available at the office and on our bulletin board.
Spaces are limited so please sign up promptly if you are interested.

Walden school has often taken the initiative to offer ways for our families to join together in worthy projects. Once again, we’d like to extend help to some of the neediest families in the Houston area. For several years Walden has collaborated during December with a school which only takes homeless children. The school is House of Tiny Treasures. Tiny Treasures receives help from the S.E.A.R.C.H. project. If your family would like to help a child this season,please inquire at the office about a project we will be taking on. Families may choose a child to purchase gifts for this holiday. Our goal is to provide each child with a new outfit with underwear, socks, shoes. We will need to have all of our gifts here by Tuesday, December 18th. We had a wonderful outpouring of care last year. Walden parents and staff were able to provide every child with these much needed items. We could not have been more proud of our loving families. This year we have 54 children to provide for. Thanks for your help!

Box Tops for Education - Thank you Walden Students and Parents.
We earned $110.90 through our Box Tops for Education submission this fall! Continue to collect Box Tops and drop them off in the container at the front office